Young Fresh and Shameless Streetwear Owner Anny Taormina Q&A

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I had a blast being interviewed for this is 50, check out my interview below!



Q: What does Young Fresh and Shameless mean to you?

A:It means living a completely shameless life, in all senses of the word. Driven by self expression and the freedom of individual belief. Living audaciously unapologetic, and translating that into fashion.

Q: What inspired you to launch your own clothing company? 

A: Couple years ago, an old friend asked if I could help her out and work part time for the huge fashion wholesale company she was working with, I said yes and I began traveling throughout the U.S. working at various wholesale conventions. I noticed two things very quickly, the first, all the sales to the owners and buyers I worked with always asked my my thoughts, if I liked it or thought it would sell were being influenced by me. My style, taste and input were inadvertently influencing various demographics and fashion markets throughout the country. The second thing I noticed was that, I was selling to one successful woman after the other. They shared inspiring stories and I took notes, I soaked up every bit of knowledge they gave me. Majority of the women I met own a clothing store or multiple stores, online clothing stores and clothing brands.

Q: Why should someone support the YF/S mission rather than buying from one of the larger brands in the streetwear scene? 

A: Young Fresh and Shameless breaths in the now. We thrive on living and dressing for the moment, we are limitless, ruleless. Buy from both! Buy what makes you feel fresh as f*** the minute you put it on your body. The larger brands were once newly emerging creators that have become inspirational innovators. These brands have spoken to and dressed sub cultures and mainstream alike for years. We respect and pay homage those who came before us and are grateful to exist with them.

Q: Who are some celebrities and influencers that have worn YF/S? 

A: Quite a few of my favorite artists and friends have been showing Young Fresh and Shameless so much love. Lil Wayne, Silento, Hoody Baby, Young LO, Cash Out, Steve-O, Ginuwine, Raven Felix, Calvin Broudus. The professional dance community are big YF/S fans. Dancers/Choreographers Savion Glover, Karlito Cineas, Michelle Soulchild, Phil Wright, Sara Bivins, Bot Bros Evan Moody. I am thankful for all of support everyone gives me.

Q: Where can people buy stuff from YF/S? 

A: On my website and if you’re in the Los Angeles area Cheateau Denim on Hollywood Blvd.

IG @youngfreshandshameless


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