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Thank you @backwoods for a dope party and new gear!


Thank you SXSW you were everything! It was such a blessing to spend a week surrounded by raw talent, immersed in music, sound emotion and art. I fell in love with every single moment. Backup dancing for #lgteamgenius #snappychappy @beatsxbeers gave me life. I am thankful for the entire squad #24hour #rideordieroadtrip. Blessings on blessings for each and every recording artist I met and formed friendships with and showed me and Young Fresh and Shameless nothing but love and support.

#freshsquad My new faves @jakeandpapa @justcpg

Such a pleasure back up dancing for you! @lgteamgenius #snappychappy

Oooh weee @southernplayas @messiahtherapper on their fresh rocking their YF/S Daddy Hats!

Crowned King over here @vellyberetta

No pressure just Diamond Jones

Art at it’s finest! @jesseberr