HAPPY NEW YEAR Shameless Squad!

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Happy New Year Shameless! Welcome to our fresh new site!

We’ve been hard at work creating and are excited to share it all with you! Here at YF/S we are constantly coming up with new concepts and designs, that of course we cant share….yet. Patience is a virtue and as you already know YF/S never disappoints. Don’t worry we will give you a little taste of what’s to come just to make ya salivate! Our new designs are based on challenging yourself and society.

Young Fresh and Shameless is all about identifying your Shameless. We believe in living and being your most authentic self, whatever that may be. We shamelessly challenge you to break the mold society has placed on our world. Shatter the glass ceiling and be much more than what is force-fed to us by way of media and news. Make your own decisions, do your own research and come to you own conclusions. Dress and live for yourself in the present moment. Who cares what they think! Clearly we don’t!!

Stay tuned to our new blog. We are posting every week! These blogs will feature all things Shameless. From the amazing people we’ve worked with to talented peeps that we feel deserve our shameless lil’ plug. Shameless has no boundaries. Have a shameless topic or want to share your shameless, email us, lets collab!

We are always on Instagram, so don’t miss any of our shameless behavior and we promise there is plenty of it!

Follow us here @youngfreshandshameless

At YF/S we always push the envelope and will forever remain an in your face, unapologetic brand. Youth has no age. There are no perimeters for Shameless. Remember, what is now old was once Young Fresh and Shameless.