Locals Only Pop Up Shop

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What a night! We were lucky enough to have been invited to an amazing event that happens once a month, by Nate. It is called Locals Only it’s an event where DJs only from the LA area are allowed to perform and LA local clothing company can come and sell. So, we were lucky enough to do a pop up shop during female frenzy. Only Female DJ’s are allowed to perform and we are blessed and lucky enough to be a company ran by all female bosses.

The night consisted of us 1. Drinking (We aren’t ashamed) 2. Selling our amazing clothes 3. Meeting amazing people! Locals Only was the best Pop Up by far that we have done. Locals Only is for LA by LA. All music performers and clothing brands they show case are Los Angeles locals and only LA locals no exceptions. We met some amazing locals, photographer Spencer, Jeremy who bleaches his own shirts, and Robert who is the head of design for Save the Bees. Don’t forget to check them out because we will definitely be writing a blog about them soon!

Locals Only is currently taking RSVPS for April 26th they have an event that it animal themed called Jungle Bass. Where the bass is sure to drop and bring the animal inside you.

$5 before 11pm w/ RSVP OR buy your ticket ahead of time to save the pressure of getting there early!