New Profanity + YF/S on Melrose

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AHHHHHHH you can now purchase YOUNG FRESH & SHAMELESS @ NEW PROFANITY On Melrose Ave and clearly we are so fucking excited about this!!!


When shopping on Melrose last week, I came across a shop called New Profanity and of course stopped in my tracks. Immediately I was drawn in by the vibrant colors, sick ass décor and friendly staff, I was hooked immediately & beyond love at first site, since we are all about an unapologetic aesthetic here at YF/S! I literally said “what the FUCK this store is everything!” out loud!

As soon as I got home and jumped on their welcome page reads in bold letters…

“WARNING: We don’t give a fuck about offending you.
So if you don’t like curse words, dirty jokes, blood and gore or liberal ideas go ahead and close your browser window now… ”


After purchasing three bracelets that read “EAT ME” “FUCK” and “SLUT” (high quality bangles at a DOPE price too? $$$ well spent) I had to find out more about this amazing store! The walls inside this shop are covered with in your face art, dirty work and PROFANITY all around. I knew this would be a great fit for YF/S, and New Profanity agreed!

Inside New Profanity you’ll find mostly accessories, small items, curiosities, and few select T-Shirts (all clothing is on their website as well). They sell unique enamel pins and patches, Manic Panic for extreme hair, jewelry of all sorts, YF/S hats, glasses, candles, small bags, greeting cards and so on.

Since everything in their store and online is made or designed by artists and small businesses, when you purchase something from them you are helping their small business, our small business, and making an artist’s dream a reality! This is exactly why we love being a part of their dopeness, you can’t beat a one stop shop to Shameless Profanity!!!

Check em’ out and shop for SHAMELESS gear!

New Profanity
7418 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood CA 90046