Shittty Stufff… Shittty Stufff For Shittty People

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The Perfect Pair to YF/S Merch!

YF/S fam, as you know when we find anything shameless, we must SHARE it with you! Shittty Stufff (3 “T’s” & 3 “F’s”) is a small company, that has anything but shittty stufff, they’ve inspired us with the most creative pins we’ve ever laid our shameless eyes on…

We met Shittty Stufff when they had a vending booth at the Echo Park Rising Festival (more info later) a few months ago and are obsessed. Creative’s like Shittty Stufff that aren’t afraid to say and create what they want, appealing to that special type of person (shittty people), and inspiring other companies like US, are the type of people we look for to share with you.

The best part about this dope company is that all of their wild pins go great with Young Fresh and Shameless merchandise! Pair these with T-shirts, YF/S Hoodies, flare up our Dad Hats, play with 1 or 2 on your KICKS and this will only elevate your Shamelessness and style.

Here’s few of our faves we picked out for your YF/S look…

  • Black Space boobs + Legs / goes great with our Galactic Booty Crop Top!
  • Lucky Cunt lucky charms marshmallow / goes great with the Trap Fridge White T!
  • The Over Achiever’s Gold star pin / the piece for your YF/S Dad Hat!

They touched our souls when they titled their categories “Penis Stuff”, “Tits & Vag Stuff” and our personal fav, “Fuck Stuff”!

Along with pin’s, they also have patches, buttons, stickers, and other small items; Shittty Stufff is your go to source for offensive, lowbrow, edgy products to go with the brand! We love that this company has collaborated with tons of artists to come up with shameless pins, as well as creating their own = collaboration is key!

Check out their shameless site…
and peep their upcoming pop-up shop events, this month there’s a Valentine’s Party on February 10th from 2-10pm. This way you can see all their Fuck Stufff in one place, and optimize your look with shittty things and shittty people!!!

As far as Echo Park Rising goes, this music and arts festival is a must, located downtown in Echo Park. Last year was packed with people (this is a free festival YAS!), creatives, artists, and just a great event for downtown culture. Multiple vendors like Shittty Stufff were set up in the different area’s along Sunset Blvd, artwork, tattoo tents, clothing & accessories full of unique finds, along with 2 stages and special deals on food and drink.

For more info on Echo Park Rising and other events around LA checkout WE LIKE LA Along the right side of the article there is an event lineup for upcoming events in Los Angeles, until the next Rising in August.


And for now…. Enjoy all things shittty!

“What is now old, was once Young Fresh and Shameless”…